XN 360
The XN 360 is a top-class floorstanding speaker.

Passive crossover filter, matching of Scan-Speak drivers, phase adjustments, tuning of internal volume, the magnetic suspended removable grill, the shaping of front panel, the extreme care for cabinet structure rigidness: Each detail has been designed to create an original speaker able to let the audiophile, searching for state of the art performance, fall in love with XN 360. Drivers belong to the prestigious Revelator series of Danish Scan-Speak. These are hand-made speakers of modern technological conception, equipped with all the know-how of two decade of research. Used materials for membranes are completely natural: mechanically stiffed paper using impregnated segments for bass and medium ranges. The high frequency unit is the revolutionary "ring dome" with frequency response extended to 40 kHz, also using a natural hand-coated fabric. All the drivers have low distortion magnetic "motors" allowing large excursion and top-class linearity.

Visit the TrecentoSessanta dedicated page: www.xn360.com

Mid-bass units : 2 x 182 mm Scan-Speak Revelator, stiffed hand-coated paper, low distortion "motor" system, long excursion.
Midrange unit : 120 mm Scan-Speak Revelator, stiffed hand-coated paper, low distortion "motor" system, aluminium voice coil.
High frequency unit : 38 mm ring dome, low distortion neodymium "motor" system, aluminium voice coil, no ferrofluid.
System type : 3-way damped bass-reflex tuned to 25 Hz.
Frequency response : 28 Hz - 40000 Hz ( -3 dB on reference axis ).
Connection : two pairs of platinum plated WBT 0730 signature, bi-wiring.
Nominal impedance : 4 ohms ( minimal 3 ohms).
Crossover frequency : 350 - 3500 Hz - first acoustic order on all sections.
Sensitivity ( 2,83 V/1m ) : 90 dB
Recommended power amplifier : 80-250 W.
Dimensions : (H x W x D) : 1103 x 198 x 490 mm
Weight ( 1 unit ) : 38 kg.